Biketoberfest Begins!

The annual Biketoberfest here in Daytona Beach has begun. The thunder of the yearly October invasion is here. Not quite as packed today as the vendors would hope I’m sure but everybody is still rolling in for all the events in the Volusia County area. So much to see and do. Here are a few shots of Main Street from each end. I also snapped a few of the beach today. The weather is amazing, cool in the morning and nice and warm as the day progresses. Don’t forget to look twice and save a life. Enjoy and be safe!thumb_IMG_4612_1024 thumb_IMG_4616_1024 thumb_IMG_4609_1024thumb_IMG_4611_1024 thumb_IMG_4615_1024 thumb_IMG_4619_1024 thumb_IMG_4620_1024 thumb_IMG_4618_1024thumb_IMG_4626_1024thumb_IMG_4624_1024 thumb_IMG_4631_1024 thumb_IMG_4622_1024 thumb_IMG_4627_1024 thumb_IMG_4621_1024thumb_IMG_4628_1024