Daytona Beach community members help each other during hurricane Matthew

Early this morning community members and residents filled The Daytona Beach Public Works parking lot on 950 Bellevue Avenue to pass out sandbags in preparation for hurricane Matthew. Once we found parking easily we were instructed to get sandbags to the left and collect sand on the right. There were many community members shoveling sand in the bags for others. Others gave out shovels to use and one gentleman even gave his shovel to us for free.
There was no real order to gathering the sand, more like a first come first serve deal. Some people were jumping in front of others, however for the most part everyone was civilized. We filled 5 bags for our home and prepared to leave as the amount of people arriving to get sandbags was increasing very quickly. To see so many people helping out one another was a precious sight and one we will not forget. If you need sandbags they are giving out 10 bags per car on 950 Bellevue Avenue Daytona Beach.