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The rural community of Pierson was first founded in the 1800’s and known then as Piersonville.

The town is best known for the ferns grown and exported worldwide for use in floral arrangements and other decorations. Agriculture is the mainstay of employment.

Many of the residents trace their lineage directly to the town’s founders. Pierson is located on U.S. 17 in northwest Volusia County and is the northern most incorporated town in the county.Pierson is situated along rural highway 17 which proclaims itself as the “Fern Capital Of the World,” which seems a pretentious statement until one realizes that almost every floral piece contains ferns.Starling to the casual visitor are the acres of artificially shaded “fern farms.”

Even more startling and beautiful are those near disastrous times when the fern farmer has to turn water on his crop and allow freezing to occur to save the plants. The theory is that a coating of ice will prevent surface exposure of the plant to temperatures even lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The result, whether saved or not, is acres of beautiful patterns in glistening white and crystal clear.

Central Florida swings in winter temperatures that cause farmers to employ this last ditch approach more often than they like.


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