Happy Earth Day!

It is with a heavy heart that I post today. We have lost the creator of, Rusty Crawford. He passed on Sunday after battling cancer for a very short time. Twenty years ago he came to me and told me about this great idea he had to make a web site all about Volusia County so that other people in the world could enjoy our beautiful area via the internet. We both are locals and grew up here. He was already online of course, when nobody in town had even heard of the internet or thought it was a passing fad. So we bought the name and he started building the web site. Over the past 20 years it has obviously changed and grown. Our son Shea grew up and joined us in the business and now his beautiful wife Elisa works with us as well. The three of us will continue to work on every day and we hope that you will visit us often to experience our beautiful area. Thanks also to one of our other amazing daughters Kyra who works on the beach and sends us the beach pictures that we get to share with you. Volusia County is a beautiful area and thanks to my husband, Rusty Crawford we have been sharing it online for twenty years now. He has created a beautiful source of information to promote our county and he will be sorely missed by so many. He contributed so much to this community over the years and touched many people through his video production, music, and then web sites. He will live on in our hearts and in our beautiful children and grandchildren. Much love and light to you all. Another day in paradise!