stormy beach today

Hurricane Irma is coming our way

It’s true. Hurricane Irma is coming to Florida this weekend. We know lots of people have already left or are on the roadways fleeing the state but there are plenty of us that will be hanging tough and sticking it out here as we have for many, many years. Here’s some good information for you….like you don’t have enough info already…I know the media hype is over the top. But any way from a Florida native who has lived through many of these storms my best advice is: Don’t Be Scared – Be Prepared! Here some useful tips any way and let’s all hope for the best and we’ll see you on the other side!

You can check out the beach at our as long as the power stays on!

1. Take gallon bags fill them with water and freeze them. No need to spend money on ice.
2. Cook all your food and freeze it.
3. Lower water in your pool and throw your lawn furniture in it.
4. Keep a mattress available to get under it.
5. Put all your stuff outside away because I don’t want it flying through my windows.
6. Fill the bathtub with water to flush toilets (or to drink if the store was outta bottle water). Be sure to have a bucket to scoop out the water. Dump in toilet and it will flush by itself.
7. Fill up your cars with gas.
8. Get batteries now and have working flashlights.
9. Get propane if you have a tank. Handy when u need to cook.
10. Take one of your cars to a parking garage if you don’t have a garage or carport.
11. Weather radio.
12. Charge your phones.
13. Dog and cat, horse, raccoon, goat, possum & chicken food.
14. Medications.
15. Money. Lots of it.
16. Charcoal and matches.
17. Important documents can be kept in a gallon baggie and put them where you can access them quickly. Homeowners insurance and car and health insurance info.
18. Board up windows if possible.
19. Remain calm.
20. Baby food, diapers, formula for a week
21. Remember if the eye of the storm passes over us the winds change direction.
22. Don’t stand near windows. You may not see the flying object coming at you before it is too late.
23. Hide in the strongest part of your house. Hallway or interior bathroom etc.
24. Still try to stay calm.
25. Help your elderly neighbors. This should have been #1.

The vulnerable need our help. Invite them to stay with you if they are alone. Help them every which way. Let’s all help each other and be kind to each other!