Jalapeño Poppers with Shrimp

Total Time:
39 - 50 minutes

They always say things are bigger in Texas, so today lets make a Texas appetizer dish with colossal shrimp. This appetizer can be either grilled or baked.


6 Fresh Jalapeños
12 colossal shrimp (peeled and de-tailed)
12 slices of Uncooked bacon
8 oz of cream cheese
Shish kabob sticks
Aluminum foil
  • Prep Time

    25 Minutes

  • Cook Time

    14 Minuts in Oven
    or 25 Minutes on the Grill

Oven temp: 400 degrees or
Charcoal grill start before prep work
Propane grill start when finished
If using frozen shrimp, thaw completely.


1. Cut stems from Jalapeños, slice in half and remove seeds and veins. Wash and dry.

2. Using the cream cheese, take each half of the jalapeño and spoon enough cream cheese in to fill to the edge. Do to all 12 pieces.

3. Take thawed shrimp and place on cream cheese.

4. Take each slice of bacon and tightly wrap around. Start from the widest part of jalapeño and work your way down.

Cooking Instructions

– If grilling place each finished jalapeño on a shish-kabob. No more then four to a stick. Place on aluminum foil.

– If cooking in the oven place jalapeños cream cheese side up in a single row on aluminum foil.

– Oven cook time 14 minutes. No turning needed.

– If you choose the grill, flip kabobs over half way through to ensure bacon is cooked.

– Pull, let cool down and enjoy.

This appetizer is my go to during summer and fall days. Pair this dish with a cold beer or a juicy burger to make it even better.
Recipe and Photos by Lanie

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