JFK Calls for the Release of Bradley Manning from Beyond the Grave [video]

John F. Kennedy was independently wealthy and for that reason was unable to be bought by the shadow government.

He worked to bring life to his ideals and to protect the nation of the United States of America. He butted heads with the inherited administration who tried to continue in their corrupt and secretive ways.

Ultimately, he gave his life to uphold the Constitution and to build the country held in the hearts of Americans when they envisioned The American Dream and Land of the Free.

Within days of advising that he was going to share certain taboo truths with the public, JFK was gunned down in cold blood by the ruthless, soul-less beings that have controlled the planet up until now.

How many times have those who have done the right thing—the honourable thing—been violated, incarcerated, or their Light snuffed out? We will never know the full scope of that. It’s beyond our comprehension.

Soon we will embrace the world Kennedy dreamed of, fought for, and died for. It shall be ours.

But for now, we have unfinished business. We have yet to take to task those who seek to disembowel America with their lawless governance and torture of innocent citizens—our heroes. We know who the traitors are. It’s all too apparent who is committing treason here.

Bradley Manning said he would do it again. How many of us would do it even once?

Is America worth fighting for, or did we give up?

This is our wake-up call. Something is dreadfully wrong and we must fix it.

Time and time again ONE person has sacrificed all for the many. Now it is time that many sacrifice just a little for the ONE; one more hero. I salute you, PFC Bradley Manning.


JFK Demands Release of Manning
A Voice from the Grave…

From Gordon Duff, Veterans Today

Despite the smears, no real American doubts that John F. Kennedy was our greatest president. Today he speaks from the grave, in no uncertain terms, demanding the release of Bradley Manning.

We gladly add the name, “Bradley Manning” to the two dozen Nobel Prize nominees at Veterans Today. (We nominate each other.)

Manning, not Snowden nor Assange nor Murdoch nor Netanyahoo, [I’m going to assume that spelling is intentional] deserves our thanks and our efforts to gain his freedom.

Look for the day that West Point, the viper-school of brown nosers and whiners is renamed:

The Manning Institute for American Military Ethics

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