How NSA spies ruin 1000s of America’s greatest people

Obama’s spy scandal news is “the tip of the iceberg” of private phone and email communications rights abuses involving hundreds of thousands of government and private contractor spies in the U.S., according to whistleblowers, an program launched during Bush’s regime, already critically damaging more of America’s finest people than publicly acknowledged.

How corporate government targets innocent people

More than one NSA whistleblower came forward last week. Young human rights defender Edward Snowden’s leak to Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian a week ago was followed by noted veteran NSA whistleblower William Binney providing information. They, along with other noted rights defenders, reporters and innocent Targeted Individuals (TIs), have helped explain how America’s “best people” are covertly harmed while kept under surveillance.

“These [targets] are the finest of Americans,” former United States Marine Corps Criminal Investigator, Secret Service and FBI Intelligence contractor William Taylor PI told this author. “The greatest people are being hurt the most.”

Since 2005, when this reporter began publishing accounts of self-identified Targeted Individuals (TIs), most readers and colleagues asserted in disbelief that it would be impossible for enough spies to harm as many TIs as it is estimated there are: 350,000 Americans alone targeted, lives ruined.

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Daily, as the spy scandal grows and more reporters cover it, those TI deniers are seeing just how possible it is to target that many people.

Monday, the Associated Press reported that over 500,000 employees of private firms alone have access to “government’s most sensitive secrets,” secrets corporations and government are keeping from from other Americans.

The problem with that is that “Democracy requires an informed citizenry in order to function properly, and transparency and accountability are essential parts of that,” Bruce Schneier of the Atlantic wrote last week. “That means knowing what our government is doing to us, in our name. That means knowing that the government is operating within the constraints of the law. Otherwise, we’re living in a police state.”

The AP noted that 4.9 million people have clearance to access “confidential and secret” government information with 1.1 million, or 21 percent, working for outside contractors.

“Of the 1.4 million who have the higher ‘top secret’ access, 483,000, or 34 percent, work for contractors,” AP reported.

Even that, however, is the tip of the iceberg ramming innocent targets, many referring to themselves as “TIs,” the group of individuals who are covertly spied upon and secretly targeted with inhumane persecution that is perhaps the greatest spy secret of all. It is the secret these TIs have been trying to tell the world for over a decade.

“We told them so,” exclaimed one TI, Christine Harris, in an email to this author after reading about the PRISM spy leaks. “Now they believe us.”

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“National Security Agency’s collection of phone data from all of Verizon’s U.S. customers is just the ‘tip of the iceberg,’ said former NSA official and veteran whistleblower William Binney.

Binney, also an award-winning mathematician, says collecting phone calls and emails dates back to when the super-secret agency began domestic surveillance after the Sept. 11 attacks and the Official 911 Commission faked its report under orders of Pres. George Bush.

“I believe they’ve been collecting data about all domestic calls since October 2001,” said Binney, employed by the NSA for over 30 years, lending credibility to the plethora of complaints by people who once lived lives similar to other law-abiding, innocent Americans but are now among the persecuted ranks of TIs. “That’s more than a billion calls a day.”

It was after 2001 that a dramatic increase of complaints by self-identified Targeted Individuals (TIs), such as Harris, occurred.

“The reliance on contractors for intelligence work ballooned after the 9/11 attacks,” The Washington Post reported Tuesday. “The government scrambled to improve and expand its ability to monitor the communication and movement of people who might threaten another attack.

Bush stated that his administration would be hiring thugs, that some people might not appreciate that, but that those thugs know how “terrorists” think and act.

“After 9/11, intelligence budgets were increased, new people needed to be hired,” said Joseph Augustyn, a former senior CIA official and principal at Booz Allen where Snowden had worked. “It was a lot easier to go to the private sector and get people off the shelf.”

Just as TIs have said since 2001, it is government and private contractors stalking, harassing and persecuting them worst imaginable ways. Of course, saying, “It’s the government listening to me, intercepting my emails, intimidating me,” has resulted in an automatic false lay and professional diagnosis of paranoia and thus achieves, according to many TI advocates, the perfect crime.

But why ruin the lives of the innocent? Law-abiding TIs have had no idea why they are being targeted. Some say for human experimental reasons – for when more people are targeted for political reasons. Others say revenge.

Most TIs are whistleblowers, rights workers, or have tried to say “No” to corporate control in their personal or professional lives, according to emails they send to this author and their web reports.

They report frequent unwanted telephone and email intrusions: tapping and cyber-attacks that prevent them from communicating. They are isolated, neutralized, and without rights groups or Congress coming to their aid, some are pushed over the edge to suicide.

Rather than referring to “spying,” many TIs refer to their treatment as “stalking,” such as “gang stalking” or “organized stalking” or “cause stalking.”

(See recent article: Washington higher-ups ordered targeting groups for political reasons]

These innocent TIs claim they are treated as terrorists, yet have no criminal record.

Daily, they are persecuted, such as through strangers harassing them while speaking about their personal information, unforced break-ins, destruction of personal items — frequently including everything electronically operated, often costing more than they can afford to repair or replace. Black-listed, they find it next to impossible to work for pay.

As many as ten percent of TIs report and many have hard evidence showing persecution with weaponry, calling it “electronic surveillance and harassment,” including a form of remote torture through electronics that make them ill or burns them.

TIs desperately want to know why they are in such a torturous program. They have desperately tried to warn the world about “a crisis that can not continue to be unrecognized without lethal consequences for all of humanity.”

Instead of being disbelieved and in most cases, falsely accused of mental illness as the average person does, they have begged the world, at least family and friends, to understand and help them with their dire plight.

While TI’s cries for help have fallen on deaf ears by most, including Amnesty International and other prominent rights groups, Friday, Binney, who left the NSA in October 2001, provided valuable answers for TIs, their loved ones and others questioning the validity of the TI claims.

Top Secret ‘Stellar Wind’ Protecting Corporate America: From spying to covert torture and targeted killings

Since 2001, data were collected under a highly classified NSA program code-named “Stellar Wind,” part of the warrantless domestic wiretapping Terrorist Surveillance Program George W. Bush ordered, according to Binney.

How do local agents know when a TI is not home and when the TI is expected to return, so operatives can invade the TI’s home for intimidation, search and destruction? How do agents know where to hit or run a target off of the road in what will appear to be an accident?

“The metadata available is now so fine-grained that it reveals where we’re going, what we’re doing, what our preferences and beliefs might be and who our friends are,” Binney explained.

How many of such operatives are working neighborhoods these days, after receiving secret information? In 2008, as many as 23,000 private citizens worked in neighborhoods, with lethal powers, for the FBI through its Infra Guard agency alone, as first reported by the Progressive’s Matthew Rothschild. Today, Infra Gard snoops and snitches are in every state, 71 branches in total, and recruiting, according to its website.

Rothschild later said that since his Infra Gard story appeared, he’s received new leads, including one confirming that a private company has “lethal powers.”

Award-winning journalist Dana Priest and William Arkin report in the special PBS report on their Top Secret America:

We started to try to find all the government agencies that do secret work. And within a couple weeks, we decided there are just too many, so we’ll up the ante to top secret, which is really going into an elite level. And even then, after 2.5 years, we found nearly a million people, 860,000 people have top secret clearance in this country. That’s about 2.5 times the size of the District of Columbia itself.

And another 1,900 private companies also work at the top secret level. And there are another 1,100 federal government organizations that do work at the top secret level. And if you were to put all those on a map, you would have 17,000 locations, because a lot of the companies and a lot of the agencies have multiple buildings.

In his book, Cause Stalking, David Lawson describes his twelve years of infiltrating contracted citizen spy cells and quotes some of them explaining who they are:

We are like the police except we are ABOVE the police.’

We are a citizen’s group that helps the police. We are trying to alert people in the area about this person [the target] before he gets to do what he did in the last place he lived.

When I get the call, I go to whatever the address is. It doesn’t matter what they [targets] do, they can never get away from us.’

‘Who are we? We drive the ambulances that take you to the emergency room. When your house is burning, we put out the fire. We are security guards. We protect you at night. YOU ONLY HAVE ELECTRICITY, PHONE AND CABLE SERVICE BECAUSE OF US. We are janitors. We have the keys. We fix your cars. YOU DON’T WANT TO MESS WITH US.'”

Priest told Amy Goodman about America’s Top Secret spying:

You know, this is a secretive organization. They’re not supposed to talk to the press. You need to get vetted by the FBI before you can join it. They get almost daily information that the public doesn’t get. And then they have these extraordinary, really astonishing powers being vested in them by FBI and Homeland Security, shoot-to-kill powers. I mean, this is scary stuff.

“It goes along with, you know, the illegal searches and seizures. It goes along with Guantanamo and torture,” Priest said. “It’s kind of all of a piece, and once you put the pieces of the puzzle together, it’s really frightening what’s happening to our democracy here.”

Guantanamo Bay torture is also the tip of the iceberg.

What if spying on phone calls, emails, or pro-human rights actions led to an innocent person being labeled a “terrorist suspect” (due to that person’s exposing corporate and other high-level crimes and rights abuses)? And what of that person could then be covertly manipulated and tortured remotely with secret neuro-weaponry, mind control weapons?

Many TI advocate professionals, including lawyer Cheryl Welsh and PI Bill Taylor, believe thousands of people have fallen into the abyss of being targeted with such weapons, formerly for experimentation and increasingly, for political persecution.

Neuro-weapons are ‘weapons of selective deception and manipulation’. (Jonathan Moreno, Mind Wars: Brain research and national defense, (New York, NY: Dana Press, 2006), p. 171)

Aside from being the best hidden weapons, the Navy Times reports that secretive Directed Energy Weapons, DEWs, are the “most feared and controversial weapon of modern age.”

Common bio-effects of electromagnetic and other non-lethal weapons include effects on the human central nervous system resulting in physical pain, difficulty breathing, vertigo, nausea, disorientation and other systemic discomfort. Weapons called “non-lethal” can cause cumulative damage resulting in death, a “slow-kill.”

One year ago, Dr. Kevin Barrett wrote about slow-kill of innocent people by applying covert weaponry.

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“The US should heed former President Carter and start obeying its own Constitution if it wants to have any credibility on human rights,” human rights defender Barrett asserted in a written statement released by Press TV titled, ‘Disable the purveyors’: Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?

A long list of TIs who tried to expose 9/11 and BP Gulf of Mexico crimes met untimely, suspicious deaths. (See Vampire of Macondo, Deborah Dupre, 2012)

Many of those TIs had reported being assaulted with DEWs.

Edmund Igberaese wrote for IntelHub last week in his article, Coordinated Harassment and Neutralization of ‘Social Undesirables’:

The R.F.D.E. System, a component of euphemistically termed “non-lethal weaponry,” can produce varied biological effects, including remotely delivered “shocks” (via maser-guided plasma from microwave plasma generators, one of the earlier ones being developed by Russel Targ of the Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s), the microwave auditory effect (this sensation of “hearing voices” was first induced by Allen Frey in the 1960s via radio wave stimulation of nervous systems), Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (R.H.I.C.: a capability for precision-control of a human being first developed by the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) in the mid-20th century and analogized by C.I.A.-employed Dr. Jose Delgado’s infamous stopping of a raging, implanted bull via the push of a button), and various forms of E.E.G.

Heterodyning or mixing (“mind-melding”) of human brain waves (this capability, exposed by U.S. Department of Defense Whistle-blower Robert Duncan and others, can induce powerful, strange emotional experiences and is attested to by Duke University’s recent [in February 2013] “mind-melding” of rats from different countries over the internet via implanted electrodes that resulted in the rats initiating similar behaviors.

Many, including Duncan and [FBI whistleblower, Ted] Gunderson, have claimed, as well, that these technological advances are being randomly tested on innocent, unwitting, and non-political American citizens.

[Read: Cold War Nonconsensual Experiments: The Threat of Neuroweapons and the Danger, Cheryl Welsh, Essex Human Rights Review, June 1st 2012.]

Perhaps most frightening is knowing at least 500,000 “business leaders” are working with the FBI and Homeland Security in a secret “corporate TIPS program,” as Priest called it, feeding the FBI information about threats.

President Bush proposed the TIPs (Terrorist Information and Prevention System) program: to recruit one million volunteers to act as spies and informants against their neighbors. He then claimed to scale back the program by excluding postal and utility workers.

Information can include a “threat,” such as a threat to a corporation that could include complaining about it or reporting corporate crime or protesting it, according to whistleblowers and rights workers targeted with harassment and intimidation such as home invasions.

With TIPs drawing from the transportation, trucking, shipping, maritime, and mass transit industries to report what they believe to be suspicious activities, the program made “a mockery of individual privacy as well as encouraged racial and ethnic profiling,” the ACLU stated when unsuccessfully campaigning to “Trash TIPs.” ACLU stated:

With a million untrained informants, it is all but guaranteed that thousands of mistaken charges will be reported to authorities… At the same time, these bogus reports could cause irreparable harm to falsely accused citizens who have no mechanism to ensure false reports are removed from their record.

ACLU’s stated guarantee of persecution of innocent people was somewhat accurate, only somewhat in that the TI treatment is worse than the ACLU has acknowledged to date.

Today, “many of these [TI] individuals are innocent and have been arbitrarily classified as “social undesirables” by vengeful or otherwise criminal yet influential entities,” Igberaese says.

Anyone’s name can be submitted to the spy agencies as a “threat” or as having acted “suspiciously.”

Most information collected by government agencies “is so vague that you can’t really make anything of it, or how they define suspicious is suspicious; it’s very vague,” Priest says. That, however, does not stop the covert follow-up treatment to destroy the life of the innocent target.

Disinformation, a weapon of war, usually carries an element of truth, to make it more believable.

The world saw and heard on September 11, 2001, via satellite TV, Bush threatening precisely what Targeted Individuals say they suffer daily, that which is finally better exposed this week regarding the secret surveillance program:

We will direct every resource at our disposal… every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law enforcement, every financial influence, and every necessary weapon of war to the disruption and eventual defeat of terrorism… Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists… Americans should expect a battle unlike any other they have ever seen, not one battle, but a lengthy campaign, some visible, others secret. We will drive terrorists from place to place until there is no refuge or rest. (The Criminology Of Terrorism: History, Law, Definitions, Typologies, Syllabus for JUS 429, O’Connor, T., Austin Peay State University. MegaLinks in Criminal Justice)

This week, Obama defended his spy tools with another threat:

If people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress, and don’t trust federal judges, to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we’re going to have some problems here.

The TI is possibly the best to ask about the type of problems these national leaders threaten.

The journalist now threatened with legal action against him for reporting the NSA leaks, Glenn Greenwald, says he will also provide more information on the scandal. That will also provide more hope for thousands of “America’s best” who are suffering at the hands of the “Federal Gestapo.”