pokemon GO Volusia

Pokemon GO everywhere in Volusia County!

Update: September 20th: Pokemon Go is still going strong! It has now been downloaded more than 500 million times worldwide, making it a global phenomenon. It has popularized location-based and augmented reality gaming while promoting physical activity, which we all need more of and is helping local businesses grow as well. The search is on in Volusia County for the pokemon. Please use common sense and be safe when searching your local areas!

So, have you heard about this latest craze? A new app or game on your phone that gets you up and out the door in search of the elusive Pokemon! You can explore and find pokemon no matter where you are, in your home town, all across our beautiful county, and even when you are traveling elsewhere. The goal is to catch as many Pokemon as you can. And, there are PokeStops at interesting locations like historical markers, public art installation and other places of interest. It looks like someone had a great idea and maybe we can get the gamers up off their couches and on their feet. Here’s to Pokemon GO! Let’s go people! Move, interact and explore!