Quiet at the beach in New Smyrna Beach this morning

Quiet at the beach in New Smyrna Beach this morning after Hurricane Matthew

Well, I think we all survived the storm here in New Smyrna Beach. I can honestly say it was the worst one I’ve been through. We have had lots of storms before but as a native I have always said, “Oh, they don’t hit here. If you don’t believe me just go look at the 150 year old oaks along the riverside and along our roads.” But, I can no longer use that one as I saw so many of our beautiful oaks down, as well as palm trees just twisted off and thrown. Some of us here have power now, but most still do not. We have taken a hard hit and now have a big cleanup in store. You can bet everyone is working diligently to take care of everything. When I went out I saw people cooperating and helping each other everywhere, even in traffic. People stopped at intersections taking turns and doing a great job of keeping the flow going. It’s a shame it takes something like this to make us all realize we are a community! The beach pictures are from Atlantic Plaza Condominium this morning. They still don’t have power on beachside but the crew is over there working to get it cleaned up, as we all are here in Volusia County. Below are a few pictures of some of the beautiful old oaks that were downed. We hope everybody is safe and hopefully power will be restored to all areas within a few days. thumb_img_7480_1024