guitar concerts

Stetson University Concerts now showing in Events Calendar!

I have been very busy working on’s calendar and would like to share some great news. We are entering all the amazing musical concerts that are available for your enjoyment right here in DeLand at Stetson University. Some of them are labelled as Faculty Concert but the faculty at Stetson are world class musicians. I recently attended the Great Guitarists at Stetson series featuring Stephen Robinson, who is heralded as “one of the most brilliant guitarists of our times”. I can attest that the concert was phenomenal. Mr. Robinson was accompanied on violin by another Stetson faculty member, Routa Kroumovitch-Gomez. She made the violin sing like nothing I have ever heard. There are many concerts, more than one each week. Just click on our Event Calendar and then click on DeLand at the top of the page and the calendar will load only the events in DeLand, including the Stetson calendar. I hope you will make the time to enjoy some of this beautiful music. Thank you Stetson University of Music!