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Volusia County – A Great Place to De-Stress Your Life!

Did you know that Stress – Yes Stress – is the number one common denominator in most disease suffered by those in the US? Stress…..we all know it, we all have it. It’s very important to know how to blow off your steam and de-stress yourself….or you can bet you won’t be healthy or you may not even be here. If you let it build up and don’t learn proper ways to manage your stress, it can literally kill you!

Here are a few quick tips to help you to manage your stress:

Practice Letting Go – think about it, next week will it matter or next year? Is it really worth the stress you feel?

Breathe slowly and deeply – I know, easier said than done….but really, just a few deep breaths can make all the difference

Develop an effective time management strategy so as to reduce your overall stress level

Get outdoors if possible, for a brief break and take a few deep breaths.

Drink plenty of water and eat small, nutritious snacks.

Check your posture periodically….there are apps available for this as well.

Plan something rewarding for the end of your stressful day, even if it’s something as simple as stopping on the way home for your favorite meal, or enjoying a hot, soothing soak in your bathtub when you get home.

Turn off your phone. It’s always good to unplug from the incessant stream of information always being pumped into your electronic devices. Unplug sometimes. Now that my kids are grown I have started silencing my phone at night when I go to bed and it has improved my sleep quality, needless to say. And good sleep helps everything.

Make the decision. Do your due diligence and quit sitting on the fence. Do it and move forward.

Laugh Out Loud – this is definitely one of my favorites. When I do take time to watch any television, I watch comedy and things that make me laugh out loud and smile. It’s a great stress buster and it gives your immune system a boost as well.

Exercise – another of my favorites. My go-to is to put on my walking shoes and headphones and take off walking for at least 40 minutes, usually more than an hour. I have a great workout playlist on my phone and the pace varies greatly. I have had a lot to deal with in the past year and I can truly say that exercise has helped me get through it all. It gets those endorphins going, naturally and it also will help your sleep. I also do yoga every chance I get and have been doing it for over twenty years, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, but I can honestly say that at the end of my yoga practice I feel better and can face daily challenges with a better outlook. And, I can do yoga in my bedroom, with youtube, no matter what the weather. There are even yoga apps available that are great.

Meditate – meditation truly is very beneficial in so many ways and stress relief is high on the list of these benefits. All you have to do is take a few minutes and sit comfortably somewhere and begin to breathe slowly and deeply with intention. Focus your attention solely on the breath and away from all the stuff that’s stressing you out……even one minute of focused breathing can help you maintain your sanity amidst the stressful environment we inhabit.

And, of course, the whole focus of this article, Book a beautiful vacation here in Volusia County and come walk on our beautiful beaches or kayak down a quiet clear blue spring…..You can find great places to visit in New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach or DeLand.

Remember to stop for a moment and breathe grasshopper, breathe! Come on down and visit us here in sunny Florida! Life is grand at the beach!