Wanta Exposed as Total German Nazi Paperclip NSA

Wanta Exposed as Total German Nazi Paperclip NSA

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED STATES of America – It can now be reported that British journalist Christopher Story aka Edward Harle was correct when he identified the fraudulent alleged ambassador Leo Wanta as nothing more than a total stooge of the German Nazi Paperclip occupation of the United States.

Wanta is directly linked to this toxic German Nazi bloodline (out of the state of Wisconsin) that, along with the German Nazi Paperclip Bush Crime Family, has looted the U.S. Treasury.

Nazi Paperclip-controlled Wanta actually threatened myself, Thomas G. Heneghan, that if I do not cooperate with his Nazi Paperclip NSA Adamus Group coordinated espionage operation that I will be dealt with.

Note: Wanta’s direct threat against me on behalf of the Nazi Paperclip NSA Adamus Group, former Vice President Richard Cheney, along with Duff, is a direct criminal felony committed by Wanta, Gordon Duff ( and, of course, alleged FBI Division 5 informant and now totally discredited Stew Webb.

Here is a direct message to Leo Wanta and Gordon Duff:

We are now going to go along with the idea that the Rule of Law should be implemented.

Accordingly, based on the Rule of Law, Al Gore is the duly elected REAL President of the United States.

The U.S. Military is ready to pivot.

There will be NO Bush, NO Bitch and NO Bank!