Weekend is here!

It’s the weekend again here in beautiful Volusia County, Florida. Great time to be out in the water, between the storms of course. This is a picture of my son, his wife and me on our first paddleboarding trip recently. Just one of many great things to do on the water here and so much fun. You have a great vantage point standing up on the board and can see a lot more than what I am used to in my kayak. Eleven years ago this weekend was our first hurricane slam of the biggest hurricane season since I’ve been alive. I am a Florida native, grew up right here in New Smyrna Beach and raised my children here as well. Charley came sweeping through on a Friday night and was the first of many to give us a hard time that year. Thank goodness none of that is happening this year. We do have our thunderstorms but you can plan accordingly. Get out and enjoy the beach and/or water this weekend. Summer is coming to a close quickly. And of course here’s a link to our calendar where you can see What’s Happening This Weekend in Volusia County! Enjoy! Peace, love and light!