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Welcome to Enterprise

In the early days of Volusia County’s development, Enterprise was a keystone. Located on Lake Monroe, its’ location was strategic.  Just across the lake from Fort Mellon and the important river link to Jacksonville, it was the key to West Volusia development.  It was Volusia’s first county seat.

As early as 1876 it was a thriving town with a 2-1/2 story hotel accommodating 50 guests at a time, and many stores. Invalids came for the fine climate and sportsmen came for the fishing and game.
In 1887 a board of trade was formed by businessmen disturbed at the deteriorating condition of the town. In 1889 the faster growing Deland to the north wrested county seat status away from Enterprise and built a new courthouse on land donated by its founder Henry Deland.
Enterprise is a Volusia County Community of Special Interest. The Enterprise Preservation Society is active and was founded in 2000 to promote and preserve the heritage of Enterprise.

Lakeshore Drive, which runs along Lake Monroe through Enterprise, is a designated Volusia County Scenic Corridor. About 2000 people are living in the community of Enterprise today.


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